Hello! Very nice of you to click on this page which shows that you may have a SLIGHT interest on who is the person running this blog.. or you may just be feeling nosey – either way, thank you!

My name is Tabie and I am awful at introducing myself. Currently I am 18 years old and I started this blog out of pure boredom and curiosity. I always start things without a plan or an insight on what I want to actually create within my content so you could say that I’m a little spontaneous in that sense.

I would say I’m a very creative person and I definitely thrive of this trait of mine. I studied 5 years of art in high school and an extended 2 years during college which have definitely improved my skills. I’m not very good at writing which is shocking as I was also an English Literature student. So hopefully, photographs will distract you from my awful typo’s and bad English.

I also like to post some content on my Youtube channel when I am feeling extra inspired.