#1 Moving to Uni: Let’s Decorate

Happy Thursday!! I know the last thing you all want to hear during summer break is anything to with going back to any form of education. But alas, the time will come and it’s best to be prepared.

 I will be starting my first year of University this year which also means it will be my first time moving out of my parents house and living alone. To make it less daunting, I have made myself very focused on how I want to design my room to make it my own so I don’t feel completely lost when the time comes.

If you’re moving out for university this year, hopefully some of these tips will help you gather some ideas of your own on how to decorate your room.

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Recently, I have been gathering pictures on my Pinterest for room ideas. My aim was to achieve a polished and minimalist design. I was very much inspired with the trends from this year to keep it very modern. The colour schemes I have decided to stick with is grey and white. This easily allows me to add a pop of colour by adding rose gold/gold items such as plant pots or picture frames.

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This year has introduced me to the beauty of FAKE plants. These pretty little things can easily make any space look more ‘alive’. The fact that they are fake is a massive plus as they don’t need to be looked after compared to real plants. Which, in all honesty, I would accidentally kill within first couple of days.

Another item that I would class as an ESSENTIAL for uni are fairy lights. This small feature immediately creates that mood lighting within the room. Although it seems unnecessary, it has a great impact in creating that cosy vibe which helps when feeling stressed or even when you’re in need of relaxation.

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I know what you’re thinking. How are empty milk bottles and jars going to benefit you in anyway? To be honest, it doesn’t. However, detail is key when putting your room together and it is the little things that will all add up and finish the design. I plan on using these empty trinkets to create that rustic vibe in my room. There are lots of ways I have thought about to put these jars into use. For example, putting fairy lights into one of the milk bottles to create a firefly effect. Or even, using it as storage space for make up brushes or pens.

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When it comes to designing your own room, there are absolutely no boundaries on how to do it. Just be creative and make it your own!

I will be doing more posts regarding University during the upcoming weeks so I hope this has been helpful for any of you who are also moving out.

Make sure to follow my blog to keep up to date and comment below what more you would like to see of!

Love, Tabie.


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