Manchester: Better and Stronger

It’s been a tough couple of months for the people in Manchester with the recent events that have occurred that I am sure you have all heard or witnessed. The cause of this tragedy have all been a very touchy subject to the point that it easily distracts us from what is important; staying united. From the people who have grew up in this city, it has been very shocking to say the least. It was the last thing that anyone expected to happen and I feel that it has affected us all in ways which we did not expect as it was so close to home.


Although it is quite impossible to weigh the good and the bad in this situation as lives were lost, the best way to fight back is through positivity. Since then, the people of Manchester has shown resilience and togetherness during this tough time. And of course, what better way to show this through the expression of art.

If you live close by or just visiting the city make sure to visit these gorgeous murals found in the depths of the Northern Quarter in Manchester to commemorate the victims.


Which one is your favorite mural? Leave a comment below and lets have a chat!

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Love, Tabie.

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