A Day in York

Having only spent a day to explore the ins and out of York, it’s safe to say that I have completely fell in love with this little city. The place itself made me feel so relaxed and safe with it’s calming atmosphere that I am already dying to make another visit. As I’ve finally finished my 2 years of college, I have been planning to visit other city’s during my time off to see what other places have to offer. York was on top of that list and it did not disappoint.

A Day in York Summer Holiday Tourist Lifestyle Blog

The people I know who have already been to York have all suggested that a trip to The Shambles is a MUST which is known for York’s most famous street filled with old shops and markets. Every corner you turn is just another aesthetically pleasing little ally way or an old building which makes that perfect Instagram shot. And to top it off, the food stalls surrounding it is a definite cherry on top for this area.

York The Shambles VSCO Holiday Lifestyle Tourist WordPressProcessed with VSCO with f2 preset

There is a little bit of everything for everyone in this place. What won me over were the Botanical Gardens. Luck was definitely on our side that day with the gorgeous weather which made the Botanical Gardens look extremely stunning. If you’re interested in visiting York this is my suggestion to you that is a MUST to visit.


We passed on going on the typical tourist-y tour bus and decided to walk around the city ourselves and experience it first hand. We also got the chance to visit the Minister which completely took my breath away due to the complexity of the architecture of this building.  But anyway, you get the picture. I have nothing but positives to say about York and I definitely recommend for everyone to go!


Have you ever been to York? Feel free to leave recommendations of where I should visit next! X 

What I’m wearing:

top: topshop // sunglasses: tom ford // jeans: topshop // shoes: new look // bag: louis vuitton


9 thoughts on “A Day in York

    1. Awww thank you so much ❤ it’s such a lovely little place it’s honestly far from what I expected it to be! And I’m glad you liked the pictures!! I’ll be sure to tell my boyfriend that at least someone appreciates them because he had to wait for ages throughout the day for me to get the right shot hahaha! Xx

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