Virgil Abloh x Louis Vuitton

If you haven’t been active on social media for the past weeks, then there is a large chance that you have missed Virgil Abloh’s fashion show introducing his new menswear collection with Louis Vuitton.

Virgil Abloh, creative director of ‘Off-White’, is Louis Vuitton’s new artistic director – replacing Kim Jones who has moved onto working for Christian Dior’s Menswear. Abloh is the first black person to lead Louis Vuitton’s menswear is a huge achievement. His position was confirmed back in March that he would take on his new role.
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Emma Stone: New Face of Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton has launched their new campaign featuring Emma Stone. This is her first time working with the brand and expresses that it “literally feels like being in Pretty Woman”. With Emma Stone being one of the highest paid actress in the world, this was for sure a huge collaboration between both Louis Vuitton and the actress herself.

Stone’s classic style from red carpet looks to her down to earth persona fits Louis Vuitton’s image perfectly. The campaign was shot in a deserted-looking setting keeping the background minimal, allowing the audience to focus closely on Emma Stones and the details within her outfit.

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Pretty in Pink

As the seasons change, so do the colours of our wardrobe. This year, I’ve particularly been loving the colour pink. I have found that it is an amazing colour transition from spring to summer which has become my definite go-to.

I’m the type of person to coordinate my whole look together. I feel that it completes the outfit and makes you comes across that you’re ready to tackle your day (even if you have spent a full hour and 2 breakdowns trying to create the outfit)!

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Welcome Back.

Hey. So.. Welcome back? I guess. Unless you couldn’t of cared less to know that I even had a blog (i don’t blame you), in that case.. Welcome!

I’ve been very MIA for the past, well, months. I don’t really have an excuse other than self-procrastination. However, starting University last September does play a big part towards the abandonment of this blog. I had a lot of posts planned last year that I never got round to doing ESPECIALLY my ‘Moving To Uni’ post series that I began and never finished – story of my life.

But ALAS, out with the old and in with the new is what they say. 2017 was great but very distracting to say the least. I aim for doing the things I used to love and enjoy this year. Stay tuned.


COLLAB: Accessorizing in Summer

I live in a country where it is cold 90% of the time and I find it so difficult to put an outfit together during summer. Usually, I depend on layering to make my outfit a little bit more interesting. However, when the forecast is 20 degrees, I am a bit restricted to do so to prevent a heatstroke.

I have collaborated with Chantal to put together some ideas on how to accomplish a finished outfit in three quick and easy ways. Make sure to check out her blog for her own style tips that I’m sure will not disappoint!

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#1 Moving to Uni: Let’s Decorate

Happy Thursday!! I know the last thing you all want to hear during summer break is anything to with going back to any form of education. But alas, the time will come and it’s best to be prepared.

 I will be starting my first year of University this year which also means it will be my first time moving out of my parents house and living alone. To make it less daunting, I have made myself very focused on how I want to design my room to make it my own so I don’t feel completely lost when the time comes.

If you’re moving out for university this year, hopefully some of these tips will help you gather some ideas of your own on how to decorate your room.

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Since finishing my two years at college, I WISH I was able to say that I spend my free time productively. But lets be honest, summer holidays are meant for lie-ins and oversleeping without feeling guilty.  This leaves me to have a late start to my day which honestly, I am not complaining about as it gives me the opportunity to explore new places to have brunch.

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Pink To Make The Boys Wink

Hellllooooo Summer! Well, not quite in the UK.. but any sign of sunshine is an excuse to wear anything that isn’t black. I’ve been trying my hardest to include colour in my day to day outfits and it’s safe to say that I have completed this mission of mine. I wanted to invest in more shoes this summer as I don’t really prioritise them when I’m shopping. But since my hunt for new shoes began, it has definitely been a game changer!

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Manchester: Better and Stronger

It’s been a tough couple of months for the people in Manchester with the recent events that have occurred that I am sure you have all heard or witnessed. The cause of this tragedy have all been a very touchy subject to the point that it easily distracts us from what is important; staying united. From the people who have grew up in this city, it has been very shocking to say the least. It was the last thing that anyone expected to happen and I feel that it has affected us all in ways which we did not expect as it was so close to home.

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